Basic Algebra

Worksheet Topic Instruction
eqi.pdf Solve linear equations - integer coefficients with integer answers.  


Solve linear equations - fractional coefficients. 
eqp.pdf Solve linear equations involving many terms.  
eqs.pdf Solve for the indicated variable.  
iqi.pdf Solve linear inequalities - integer coefficients with integer answers.  
iqp.pdf Solve linear inequalities involving many terms.  
pe.pdf Expand (FOIL) and combine like terms  
esq.pdf Expand a square of a binomial.  
fp.pdf Factor a quadratic polynomial with leading coefficient 1.  



Factor a quadratic polynomial by grouping.   
csq.pdf Complete the square.  
qef.pdf Solve quadratic equations.  
qer.pdf Reduce the coefficients before applying quadratic formula. Note: The answers in this worksheet are not fully simplified. I will post a better version soon.  
qie.pdf Solve quadratic inequalities.  
efr.pdf Put radical expression into a rational power.  
epe.pdf Simplify the expression into positive powers only, by using exponential rules.  
ewf.pdf Simplify the expression into an expression without fractions, using exponential rules.