How do you do well in math? Just work hard.

This is a simple web page with a simple goal. Provide 100 worksheets for each problem type. 

Hi, I am Daniel An,  a math professor at SUNY Maritime College,  who also runs a Youtube channel for Calculus and Differential Equations. On this website you will find a bunch of math worksheets, mostly in algebra, in pdf files of 100 pages each. The worksheets are aimed at practicing problems in basic algebra and precalculus. Do you have to do all 100 pages for each question? No. Just practice until you feel like you have mastered it. (Save trees - print only those pages you will work on.) 

Please time your work

The goal of math practice is to achieve speed without compromising accuracy. For best results, you should always time your work, and look at your own progress. Keeping a daily record of the times separately will help a lot too. Most worksheets have answers at the end for ease of checking your answers. 

Why practice matters

Practicing mathematics can give you competency in basic skills. It reduces cognitive load when you try to learn harder math concepts. Students with poor math skills will always have a disadvantage in learning new concepts, because lack of basic skills means heavier cognitive load is put on them while learning.  


All worksheets on this website is made freely available to the public. You can use these in classrooms without any concerns for copyright. However, the worksheets are subject to changes without notice - they may be modified or deleted. These worksheets are randomly generated by programs I wrote in Python, so sometimes you will see same questions repeated on the same page.